SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk

SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk

SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk is paid version of sd maid pro. It Unlocks the Pro Status in the free version enable all the additional option. SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk is not a Stand-alone app it needs to install the free version of sd maid. This app used for file management and keeps your device clean and well organized. Nobody is perfect neither android .any app you delete from your device sometimes leaves some Useless data behind. The system constantly creates logs, crash reports, and debug files, Sd maid Pro Unlocker collects these files which is useless and unrecognizable .it find all these files delete it from your device, it also helps in boost the speed of your device and increases the battery life of your device.

What are the Pro features that not provided by the free version of Sd Maid?

sd maid pro unlocker 4.3.1 apk
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SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk Specifications

Price: Paid

Requires Android: 4.1+

Developer:  Darken

Category: cleaning app

Size: 1.5MB

Added Date: July 20,018

sd maid pro unlocker 4.3.0 apk
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SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk Features

SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk Provides allows you to navigate through whole file directory of your device and manage all files of your device.
It also provides a search feature, which helps to find a specific file from any location in your device.
The Corpse finder of SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk finds that temporary file which is left behind from the apps which are uninstalled from your device. Corpse finder finds those orphans files which don’t belong to any application, it compares these files to the installed apps it doesn’t belong with installed apps, find these files and remove it.
SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk also Provide you Control all your installed apps. You can easily modify, reset, any application of your Android device.
SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk offers system cleaner filters, which scan the entire device. You can use the available filter or you can create a new one according to the accuracy of finding temporary file.
Database optimization can boost the speed of your device by optimizing and shrinking databases of the useless file that occupy space.
SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk also finds the duplicate files and allowing you to delete them .freeing lots of space from useless files.
It also detects recently modified or deleted files, you can restore the changed or deleted file.
Scheduling the process of SD Maid Pro schedule software restarts at regular intervals.

sd maid pro unlocker 4.0.11 apk
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Thoughts of developer about Sd Maid pro

SD Maid Pro Unlocker has set very realistic goals for the app.

It falls under the enhancing the performing and cleaner app. SD Maid Pro Unlocker does not Claim Fixed Number of Boosting the device of a specific percentage of increase in speed of a device. It is very simple that Sd Maid Pro Unlocker Removes Those Junkie Files, which occupy the space. Removing these results in increasing the speed of the device.

The developer of app understands that cleaning the RAM can’t much boost your device. The developer designed an app to look for orphan files which do not belong to any installed app and delete them .freeing space of your device .removing those files which do not break anything .it can generate and recreate by a device in order of requirement.

Why you need Sd Maid Pro Unlocker

There are hundreds of app for cleaning and optimizing the android device. SD Maid Pro Unlocker has not cleaned your device but also cleans those temporary useless files, which left behinds from uninstalled apps.

Sd Maid Pro Unlocker Apk is Capable of finding these files, which are abandoned by the previously installed apps and no longer useful for

Your device. Is not that great the setup the cleaning soft and restart for SD Maid Pro Unlocker and Forget about it. This app will regularly scan and clean your device. In case it deletes some important data accidentally, then you can easily restore the lost data by Restoring Feature of SD Maid Pro Unlocker. Beyond all these Pro Features SD Maid Pro Unlocker does not claims the false boosting the speed of device and performance, it is very realistic and easy to use keep your device clean and tidy. download and install this app and enjoy cleaning up of your device.

sd maid pro unlocker 4.3.1 apk
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How to install SD Maid Pro Unlocker Apk

First, download the app from the link given below
Install Sd Maid Pro Unlocker apk after downloading it will take few seconds to install.
When app installed, you can start scanning your device.
Sd Maid Pro Unlocker is designed beautifully and easy to use.


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