SD Maid Pro Apk

SD Maid Pro Apk

sd maid pro apk is a popular android cleaner and Unlocker app. It provides to clean cache memory, crash report and log file which is useless .sSD Maid Pro Apk is the best solution for all memory problems. It not only cleans unwanted data but all but make your device to perform better. SD Maid Pro Apk is not typical cleaner and Unlocker but also finding duplicates files, database optimization .it cleans all the useless data from your Android device with a single click. Sd Maid Pro Apk is developed by ‘darken’.  Unlike another cleaner, which promises of boosting the performance of the Android device, this app provides the real boost in performance and cleaning unnecessary data.

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SD Maid Pro Apk features

SD Maid Pro Apk is one of the best App in android ii personally using it provides an amazing feature which is listed below

  1. Provide Control over other apps:

Sd Maid Apk pro provides the full control over other apps, you can easily modify, delete or reset other application .it Provides management and controlling of apps very easy.

2.Cleaning Of Device:

The filter is an issue nowadays .sd maid apk pro provides the filters to clean device and save memory .you could use available filters or create your own in order to increase accuracy and finding the useless files.

3.Optimization of the database:

If you want to boost the speed of your device. sd maid apk pro is here for reducing unnecessary database and Optimizing the database to boost the speed of your device.

4. Identify Duplicate files:

If your device pull of duplicate file and you did not know how to find and delete these file then sd maid pro apk is here to find the duplicate file and delete these file on one click to make your memory space free.

5.No Need for Maintenance:

Once the tasks are scheduled there is no need of maintenance .in sd maid Pro Apk, you can schedule the task to clean up the device. then it will automatically clean your device and optimize it.

6.Searching Files:

If you want to search a file in your device, you do not have to open every folder to find a specific file. search on sd maid apk pro it will find file for you Quickly

7. Remove unwanted apps:

As you know that deleting an app is a very difficult task in android smartphones .sd maid apk pro provides to remove, freeze and reset any application on your device.

8.Corpse Finder:

When you uninstall an app, it leaves some temporary files behind it takes some memory of your device .on other side cache memory deleted item pictures which occupy valuable memory.

The corpse finder search for orphaned files and compare it with the installed applications .if it does not a property with installed apps, it collects and gives you choice to delete it.

9. Find Modified files:

Changing the different function may disturb your setting if you want to restore it. Sd maid pro apk finds a recently modified file in seconds.

sd maid pro apk xda

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SD Maid Pro Apk Specifications:

App Name: Sd Maid Pro APk

App Type: Android cleaner and unlocker

App Creator: Darken

Version: V4.11.4

Package: eu.thedarken.Adam Pro plugin. eu.thedarken.sdm.unlocker.

App Size: 5.9mb.

Available on: play store.

Sd Maid apk Pro For Android:

Android is the most popular operating system used world widely.

There are millions of android apps on play store .some of them are games and some are education apps, entertainment, and social apps and more.

Installing these apps create some unwanted files and occupy the memory even uninstalling the app left behind unnecessary files to remove these files we have one of the best tools ever call SD Maid Apk Pro. Which will clean all your system from these file .these feature are discussed above.

Sd Maid Improves Battery life

The Booting and cleaning app that have a million users on android device .it may boost your phone battery 20 percent like others DU Battery Saver Pro, famous Android app that claims 70% extra battery life for your device.

Any app that advertises the fixed number of booting of battery life is total bullshit . said Matthias “You can’t just say boost the battery life by 20 percent, how would that works ?? it does not ”. if others app claims of a fixed number of improvement in performance of battery it does not work this way they can’t give the exit amount improvement .there are thousands of android roms [App developer ] ca n’t just give an exact number.

sd maid pro apkpure

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How Sd Maid Apk pro Differ from Other

SD Maid does what it says on the Tin, Free’s up space Internally and Externally.

They have Free and Premium and it been kept like that since I have used them. What differs them from all the others, They cleaned and only clean.

They have never claimed to do more than just free up disk space. (You don’t buy a Tin of house paint, and expect to paint your car with it)

Other apps started off like this, but resourced out / sold on and now loaded with horrible code that causes all sorts of harm to your device. I forget that last company, But a popular cleaning app, and they placed a Battery advert or widget of some sort on the everyone lock screen.

How sd maid pro apk differ from another cleaning app, sd maid is more concerned with garbage file removal .sd maid’s corpse finder can find and delete the files that are left behind from the application which are uninstalled .while system cleaner and app cleaner features remove expendable files. These files will not cause any damage if they are removed and if they are necessary, the recreate these file again.

Uninstalling app

Why app leave some data behind when they are uninstalled? if you install any app you do some setting that is more profitable for you. After some time of usage you decide to uninstall the app If the app is uninstalled it leaves behind that setting in case if want to reinstall the app, you set will exist there .it will return your previous setting.

The creator of the app itself says that we make the App should be safe as possible nothing is 100% perfect

You should look for files before deleting it.

Don’t Let App tells about your device

Let independent yourself from sd maid pro apk, don’t let the app tell you that your deice is unsafe or in bad condition, running too low, or very hot guiding any action to perform and your device will be safe.

Is it Really Boost the Device?

The developer does not claim the fixed percentage of boosting the device. It simply cleans the garbage file from your device, which frees the occupied space from files and leads to boost the speed of an Android device.

sd maid pro apk here

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Rating of this app?

This app has 4.7 rating and millions of downloads on google play store, all user give a good review about this app .you can only download the free version from google play store.

To unlock pro feature of sd maid pro apk you can download “SD Maid Pro – Unlocker” from the link below and enjoy the full features of sd maid pro apk.

SD Maid Pro – Unlocker

This app need sd maid pro to be installed!

It unlocks the pro feature enabling the entire additional feature.


I myself found SD Maid pro the best cleaning app among all the thousands application that is made for cleaning and boosting the speed of a device, it manages your file system.

It works on any android device. I am using from app very from the very long time I think everyone who looking for good cleaning app, SD Maid pro is one of good choice.

The design of the app is very beautiful with a dark theme

, the look is very clean and modern .the iconographic of this app very talented because the way he designs the icon of this app is unique and beautiful.

Michael cook is the designer of icons, he is a professional designer. His dedication to this app is Worthy. The overall design of the app is cool .the app feels instinctive and really simple to use. The free version does not give access to the premium features but the main feature available on free version.

The app constantly updates that really amazing to see.


SD Maid Pro Apk Versions

Sd Maid v0.1 was released on 29.03.2011, since then developer made different changes learned more about it. Nowadays the app is polished and well build. Its features are well accomplished. since I am using this app I didn’t face any issue with the app. I am sure that developers are regularly improving and working in it. There are also paid version of this you will love to read about the paid version what features they are giving in the paid version.

Current Updates in

Sd maid pro apk.

  • Provide user-friendly system cleaner filter.
  • Provide delete function in app control tool.
  • Provide Delete function in duplicate tool.
  • Schedule operation by a timer.
  • There are also widgets that execute the main tools.
  • You can preview all the app/files.
  • You can get all the searchable history of sd maids actions.
  • There are additional search options
  • Sd maid app moving to external storage on supported devices.
  • It can also detect duplicate pictures, music, or documents.


It’s really awesome to see that you don’t neet root access for using this app. This app adjusts itself in an android device so if you do not have to root, this app is usable without root features.

sd maid pro apkpure

Sd Maid Pro Apk Review

In the fast world where time is very short and valuable for everyone, keeping your device from all garbage files is mandatory. There many apps that are installed at a time on your device keeping track of every app checking junk files in your device. One of the apps is giving all the features that you track your device and also manage with this app.

Sd Maid Pro is developed by Darken and now Downloads Between 5,000,000 and 10,000,000 installs.


Sd Maid Apk App Pros

Sd maid apk has powerful features that will impress you  . all the wonderful collection on one place .the collection that let you manage your files and apps .this tool also manage crash reports, log files which are in your device but you can’t recognize it.


Sd Maid apk Cons

The free app only accesses to photos, files, and your gallery and manage all of it. sd  maid pro has the power to delete or modify

How to install Sd Maid Pro Apk

Download sd maid pro apk link given below,

Install sd maid apk pro apk. The package is available as eu.thedarken.sdm is sd maid pro and unlocker apk is eu.thedarken.sdm.unlocke. Unlocker is the plugin of sd maid apk pro requires for necessary functioning.

Ensure the file saved on your device.

Start cleaning and optimizing your device.

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